What is Wagner/Windigo Micro Ceramic Engine Oil Additive?

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Product information “Micro Ceramic”

Universal lubricating oil additive for all automotive engine and gear oils reduces friction and wear.

WAGNER Micro Ceramic Oil reduces friction and wear in engines and gear boxes

Modern machines and engines are excellent examples of latest engineering. But manufacturing tolerances become closer, temperatures, loads and pressures increase. However, even most modern engineering is not able to defeat wear and tear of machines and engines, at most, it can lessen it. It is fact, that due to operating conditions getting more and more extreme, wear and tear increase and oil loses its ability to lubrify effectively machines and engines and to guarantee necessary wear protection.

Once wear has advanced e.g. at bearings, cylinders, pistons, piston rings, cams, valves etc. or in the gear box (gear wheels, bearings etc.), metallic engine noise, a rough-running engine, sounding or singing transmission noises, even compression loss, high oil consumption and black smoke can be the result.

The solution is provided by WAGNER Micro Ceramic Oil

WAGNER Micro Ceramic Oil is quickly transported by the oil to the most friction-intensive parts of the engines. The extremely small micro-ceramic particles are deposited there in the uneven metal surfaces. A safety depot will continue to exist in the oil circuit, so that even with a cold start wear protection is ensured.

The aim is to guarantee permanent wear protection by the use of Micro-Ceramic Oil.

Due to the smoother surfaces, the parts especially exposed to wear can slide better and are exposed to less friction and the resulting wear.

Lower operating costs of vehicles with WAGNER Micro Ceramic Oil

Less friction and wear mean:

  • increased engine/gear lifespan
  • lower oil running temperatures
  • less engine or transmission noise
  • smoother gear change
  • less friction and wear
  • less emissions

Improved performance thanks to WAGNER Micro Ceramic Oil

Reduced friction and thus an easier engine run also reduce resistance at the friction surfaces. As a result, the energy generated in the engine can be better utilized.


WAGNER Micro Ceramic Oil Additive can be used in all standard mineral, synthetic, or semi-synthetic engine and gear oils and is safe for use in engines equipped with turbo chargers and catalytic converters, wet clutches and wet brakes.

NOT for use in automatic, DSG/CVT or vario transmissions, in wet single-disc or multi-plate brakes in agricultural and construction machines, in converter gears of industrial trucks.

For automatic transmissions, WAGNER ATF Power Mix should be used.


Micro Ceramic Oil should make up 10 % of the total engine or gear oil volume.

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