Nano Rubber Coatings? Better than ceramic coatings?

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There are so many products out there in the market with tall claims such as 9h, Layers, 3 years, 5 years warranty and much more. Now how many of these tall claims are true?

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To know more about the misconceptions of the ceramic coatings currently in the market and why it is not advisable to apply the coatings with supernatural claims – please click on the link below to read our blog.  

We wish to introduce you to Maxprotect UNCR – Nano Rubber Coating. The only coating in the world that cures into a flexible membrane. Fantastic isn’t it? Now lets understand more about what this is.

What is Maxprotect UNCR- Nano Rubber Coating?

 Once in a decade a new product emerges and astonishes the car care industry! Introduced in 2008,  Maxprotect Nano Rubber Coating is the only coating in the world that turns into a rubber membrane when applied in non-lab conditions and cures at room temperature.

UNCR is a Permanent Nano Coating that cures into a Rubber Membrane thereby resisting micro swirl build-up and adds unmatched depth to the applied surfaces.  

This flexible nature of the coating enables the finish to be ultra-resistant to wash swirl mark build-up and does not suffer from water staining as some ceramic coatings do, making this the best coating in the market.

Below video demonstrates the flexible nature of the coating. 

It is also perfectly suited for application on Paint Protection Film and Vinyl finishes as well. Maxprotect UNCR – Nano Rubber Coatings leaves behind an incredibly glossy, super smooth, and easy to clean surface.

The rubber coating is a permanent coating and can only be removed with heavy abrasive once fully cured that is wet/dry sanding. Below video will demonstrate the hardness and robustness of the coating.

It has extreme high chemical resistance (Salt, Acid, Brake Dust, Exhaust Gasses, Tree-Sap, etc.), high UV filtering properties, and small scratch, microchip, and buffer line filling capabilities that are not found in any other type of nano coating in the world.

Maxprotect is a brand that offers unmatched protection to your car’s surface. Paint, Plastics, Glasses, Wheels, are some of the parts that are protected during the treatment offered at our authorized outlets.

What are the properties of Nano Rubber Coating? Why should I go for it?

Maxprotect UNCR – Nano Rubber Coatings is one of the easiest to clean and maintain ‘last step protections’ out there in the market. With simple methods or our even simpler ‘Klin Mechanism’ the vehicle stays cleaner and new for years together.

The chemical resistance, swirl resistance, abrasion resistance, gloss, color depth, UV resistance, acid rain, bug splatter, radiation, tree sap are unmatched with the application of Maxprotect UNCR – Nano Rubber Coatings on the surface.

Is it better than ceramic coatings? How?

Maxprotect UNCR – Nano Rubber Coatings demonstrate hydrophilic behavior in nature that thus resist water spot build up, though in many cases, if the water spots are built up, it’s very easy to clean without causing much swirls to the surface. With the use of Klin Bio Wash, the cleaning time is reduced and is much easier to quickly clean the car to a presentable condition.

The flexible nature of Maxprotect UNCR – Nano Rubber Coatings help in reduced swirl mark build up and the slickness of the product makes it extremely water repellent.

What are the steps you perform prior to Maxprotect UNCR – Nano Rubber Coating application?

Our custom packages for new as well as old cars and motorcycles are not only affordable, with an unmatched eye for detail but also are highly beneficial in multiple ways.

Thorough decontamination, descaling, detailing, paint correction, gloss enhancement, plastic rejuvenation, water spot removal, interior detailing, odor removal, glass spot cleaning, are some of the very few thorough intricate steps we take up prior to the application of Maxprotect UNCR – Nano Rubber Coatings. 

Maxprotect UNCR – Nano Rubber Coatings is selectively applied only by highly experienced and skilled professionals who are thoroughly trained by the brand through a rigorous selection process.

This product is not for an entry level detailer. This is a product that flashes off by the time you blink twice. Hence, this coating often scares the ‘entrant/lowskilled detailers’ from installing it.

The viscosity and its flash time is often a nightmare for detailers but the customers stand to benefit out of it the most because of its ease of maintenance.

Applied and supplied to selective professionals only, this ensures that your applicator is using a genuine product protecting it from duplicacy/fake products.

If there is a coating that claims that it turns into a flexible membrane, then be rest assured that its only Maxprotect UNCR and nothing else. 

To read more about this coating, please click on the blog link below:

Maxprotect UNC-R Nano Rubber Coating is an amazing coating that can last for years. With good care and maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of the coating to up to 5 years.

This coating is second to none when it comes to protecting your precious paint, making this the go-to protective coating for many enthusiasts.

Click here to learn more about how the coating goes on your vehicle along with the entire process.


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