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Calling all 2-wheeler enthusiasts in Bangalore! Are you in search of a reliable and skilled team to restore your beloved bike to its former glory? Look no further than ReflectON Automotive – your ultimate destination for bike repair, painting, and restoration services, all under one roof!

At ReflectON, we take immense pride in our decades-long legacy of bike restoration expertise. Our passion for two-wheelers has driven us to become specialists in a wide array of iconic brands, ensuring no vintage beauty or modern marvel is left behind. From Royal Enfield to Yamaha, Honda to Kawasaki, and everything in between – we’ve got you covered!

What Sets ReflectON Apart?

Unmatched Expertise: With over 20 years of experience in the art of bike restoration, we boast a team of seasoned professionals who breathe life back into your bikes. Our mastery extends beyond mere tinkering – it encompasses mechanical wizardry, dent removal, chassis welding, lathe works, and even intricate engine repairs from crank to head.

Restoration Excellence: Are you nostalgic for the classic charm of a Royal Enfield Cast Iron G Series or the timeless allure of a Yamaha RD350? Our skilled hands meticulously restore vintage bikes, ensuring they gleam like jewels from the past. Whether it’s a Yezdi, Jawa, Lambretta, or any other iconic model, we bring them back to their factory condition, if not better!

Expert Painting: The heart of any restoration lies in the paintwork, and we take pride in our artistic mastery. Our expert painters weave magic, transforming your bike’s appearance with flawless gold lining, and impeccable painting services that shine like a beacon on the road.

Original Spares and Quality Assurance: We understand the value of authenticity, and thus, we employ only original spares to ensure your bike’s performance matches its pristine appearance. Rest assured, your ride will exude the same grace and power as when it first rolled off the assembly line.

Speed and Precision: We recognize that your bike is not just a mode of transport but an extension of your soul. At ReflectON, we strive for swift and efficient work without compromising on the intricacies of restoration. Our fast and neat work ensures that you are back on the road, experiencing the thrill of your reinvigorated bike in no time!

Gold-Standard Services: Our dedication to perfection extends beyond restoration. Our comprehensive services include gold lining, tinkering, and painting – all curated to pamper your bike and elevate it to a league of its own.

Unveil the Revived Beauty:

Imagine riding your restored Royal Enfield, its chrome glistening under the sun, or cruising on your Yamaha RD350, its iconic two-stroke growl echoing through the streets. ReflectON Automotive has been the driving force behind countless bike enthusiasts reliving such awe-inspiring moments.

Visit us at our conveniently located workshop on 80 Feet Road, near Ranganatha Layout in Mahadevapura, Bangalore. Our team of passionate experts awaits, ready to welcome your two-wheeled gem with open arms.

Contact ReflectON now to embark on an unforgettable journey of bike restoration: 📞 Call: 9980668119 / 7090322266 📧 Email:

Revitalize your bike’s essence, unleash its untamed spirit, and embrace the symphony of the open road with ReflectON Automotive – where dreams ride back to life! 🏍️💨

Services Offerred:
Tinkering and Painting Services with Gold Lining
Anti Rust Coatings for Fuel Tanks, Chassis and Swing Arm and other parts.
Electrical Works – Checks and Repair.
Lighting Solutions: Restore or upgrade.
Mechanical Works: Full(Engine, Chassis, Etc)
Detailing and Ceramic Coating
Custom Painting Works.

Some of our completed projects.

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