What is Maxprotect Nano Rubber Coating?

Once in a decade a new product emerges and astonishes the car care industry! Maxprotect nano rubber coating is the only coating in the world that turns into a rubber membrane when applied in non-lab conditions and cures at room temperature. In the dynamic realm of automotive protection, MaxProtect UNCR Nano Rubber Coating emerges as a revolutionary force, transcending traditional boundaries to set new benchmarks in durability, aesthetics, and the overall maintenance of your prized vehicle. This sophisticated coating is not merely a shield; it represents a pinnacle of technological advancement, redefining the very essence of surface protection.

UNCR is a Permanent Nano Rubber Coating that cures into a Rubber Membrane thereby resisting micro swirl build-up and adds unmatched depth and gloss to the paint. 

Delving into Nano Rubber Ingenuity:

MaxProtect UNCR, an acronym for Ultra Nano Ceramic Rubber, capitalizes on the transformative potential of nanotechnology to create a coating that goes beyond the ordinary. The inclusion of rubber nanoparticles imparts a unique elasticity to the coating, elevating it to a level of adaptability that contours seamlessly to the intricacies of your vehicle’s surface. This elasticity not only ensures comprehensive coverage but also imbues the coating with a resilience that withstands the test of time.

This flexible coating enables the finish to be ultra-resistant to wash swirl mark build-up* and does not suffer from water staining as some ceramic coatings do, making this the best coating in the market.

It is also perfectly suited for application on Paint Protection Film and Vinyl finishes. Maxprotect rubber coating leaves behind an incredibly glossy, super smooth, and easy to clean surface. The rubber coating is a permanent coating and can only be removed with heavy abrasives once fully cured. It has extremely high chemical resistance (Salt, Acid, Brake Dust, Exhaust Gasses, Tree-Sap, etc.), high UV filtering properties, and small scratch, microchip, and buffer line filling capabilities.

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Durability Beyond Imagination:

The hallmark of MaxProtect UNCR lies in its unparalleled durability. Whether confronting the blistering heat of summer, enduring the biting cold of winter, or facing the relentless assault of road debris, this coating remains steadfast. The nano-rubber matrix forms an impervious barrier, repelling water, contaminants, and UV rays with unmatched efficacy, ensuring your vehicle stays immaculate under the harshest conditions.

Maxprotect is a brand that offers unmatched protection to your car’s surface. Paint, Plastics, Glasses, Wheels, are some of the parts that are protected during the treatment offered at ReflectON Automotive.

Watch application on a Suzuki Hayabusa


Aesthetic Brilliance in Three Dimensions:

MaxProtect UNCR is not merely a protective layer; it is an aesthetic masterpiece. The coating imparts a deep, glossy finish that transcends the conventional, creating a three-dimensional depth to your vehicle’s paintwork. This transformative effect elevates the visual appeal, adding a layer of sophistication that turns heads and demands attention wherever your vehicle ventures.

Unmatched Ease of Maintenance:

Beyond its protective and aesthetic attributes, MaxProtect UNCR introduces an unprecedented level of convenience in maintenance. The hydrophobic nature of the coating goes beyond water repellency, creating a self-cleaning effect. Dirt, grime, and contaminants find it challenging to adhere, facilitating easy removal during routine maintenance. A simple wash becomes a transformative experience, restoring your vehicle to its showroom glory effortlessly.

Maxprotect UNC-R Nano Rubber Coating is an amazing coating that can last for at least 3 years. With good care and maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of the coating to up to 5 years. This coating is second to none when it comes to protecting your precious paint. Making this the go-to protective coating for many enthusiasts. Click here to learn more about how the coating goes on your vehicle.

Watch application on a Jeep Compass

Expert Application for Optimal Results:

MaxProtect UNCR is not just a product; it’s a manifestation of expertise. The application process demands a skilled hand to ensure uniform coverage and optimal performance. Certified applicators undergo rigorous training, mastering the art of MaxProtect UNCR application. This meticulous approach ensures that your vehicle receives the care it deserves, reflecting a commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, MaxProtect UNCR Nano Rubber Coating is not a mere coating; it’s a transformative experience for your vehicle. Elevate your protection strategy to unprecedented heights with a coating that not only shields but metamorphoses. It’s not just a coating; it’s a pledge to excellence in automotive care—a gateway to a new epoch of surface protection. Welcome to the future – welcome to MaxProtect UNCR.

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