What is Maxprotect Nano Rubber Coating?

Once in a decade a new product emerges and astonishes the car care industry! Maxprotect nano rubber coating is the only coating in the world that turns into a rubber membrane when applied in non-lab conditions and cures at room temperature.

UNCR is a Permanent Nano Rubber Coating that cures into a Rubber Membrane thereby resisting micro swirl build-up and adds unmatched depth and gloss to the paint. 

This flexible coating enables the finish to be ultra-resistant to wash swirl mark build-up* and does not suffer from water staining as some ceramic coatings do, making this the best coating in the market.

It is also perfectly suited for application on Paint Protection Film and Vinyl finishes. Maxprotect rubber coating leaves behind an incredibly glossy, super smooth, and easy to clean surface. The rubber coating is a permanent coating and can only be removed with heavy abrasives once fully cured. It has extremely high chemical resistance (Salt, Acid, Brake Dust, Exhaust Gasses, Tree-Sap, etc.), high UV filtering properties, and small scratch, microchip, and buffer line filling capabilities.

Maxprotect is a brand that offers unmatched protection to your car’s surface. Paint, Plastics, Glasses, Wheels, are some of the parts that are protected during the treatment offered at ReflectON Automotive.

Example of Water Behavior of Maxprotect UNCR on a Triumph 5T 1956 coated a few years ago. 

Example of Hydrophobicity on a Kia Sonet, coated in 2021 August.


Maxprotect UNC-R Nano Rubber Coating is an amazing coating that can last for at least 3 years. With good care and maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of the coating to up to 5 years. This coating is second to none when it comes to protecting your precious paint. Making this the go-to protective coating for many enthusiasts. Click here to learn more about how the coating goes on your vehicle.

An example of a Car – Tata Safari coated using Maxprotect UNCR.

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