Dashboard dressing -Is it harmful?

Dashboard dressing or a dashboard polish isn’t harmful to the dashboard. But most dashboard dressings out there have a lot of downsides to them, we’re going to talk about these issues in this post. Also, give you some helpful tips and tricks on how to maintain a clean interior.

Safety concern

Most dashboard dressings today, leave behind a shiny finish. This may look appealing at first, but when driving in low visibility conditions or at night, light reflects off the dashboard and onto the windshield. This severely hurts visibility and is a safety concern. This is the main reason why we don’t recommend getting dashboard dressing on your dashboard. 

The solvent evaporates on the windshield


The solvent in dashboard dressings evaporates onto the windshield causing even more visibility problems. Once the evaporated solvent sticks to the windshield it will be really difficult to remove it. This only happens when the dashboard dressing is over-applied, and a cheap product is used.

Harmful fumes


Dashboard dressings have chemical solvents in them which gives them that shiny look. This solvent evaporates onto the windshield and the fumes also linger in the air. These fumes could potentially be harmful to your health. This only happens with cheap dashboard dressings and when the weather is really hot. 

Dust attraction to the surface


After getting a dashboard dressing, you will notice that a lot more dust has settled on the dashboard. The dust is also harder to clean as it is stuck to the dashboard. Making it dirtier than it would otherwise be. This issue defeats the purpose of getting a dashboard dressing. Further to add, it also gets inside the AC Vents and other small gaps which are difficult reach and clean.

Can smell bad

Some dashboard dressings have an unpleasant smell to them. The smell often lingers on for a long time. This is an issue that cheap dashboard dressings have.

Many Car Washes apply Tire Dressing to the dashboard and it’s based out of silicon emulsion mostly which again add to the issues post installation.


Most of the cheap dashboard dressings offered in India are really bad. You’re better off not getting them on your car. Regularly cleaning the dashboard with microfiber and Klin is the best way to keep it safe and clean. That is why we recommend avoiding the use of any dashboard dressing or polish.

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