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We’ve all seen people in our neighborhood who wash their vehicles and waste a lot of water. A few years ago, when I was headed to work. The street was completely wet. There were many puddles of water, there was water flowing down the road. Naturally, I assumed it had rained. But I was shocked to see that it was a guy washing his VW Polo. He was holding a hose pointed to his car, and was just standing there. I wanted to go and talk to him about this, but what would I say? Ask him not to wash his car? 

What’s the solution?

A plethora of products out there claim to solve the problem. Being in the detailing industry for over a decade, ReflectOn has tried everything. But we see ourselves always coming back to Klin. Klin has proven time and again to be the most effective and safe mechanism to clean a vehicle. It encapsulates the dirt particles to prevent scratches and swirls, it also provides a layer of lubricity further preventing paint damage. It relieves the dirt off the surface for easier cleaning. It doesn’t leave behind soapy surfactants, making it an easy spray-on and wipe-off mechanism.

What’s the difference?

Washing a car the right way requires the use of advanced techniques, ignoring which can lead to damage to the paint in the form of swirls and marring, and also uses a lot of water. Klin can help you overcome both these problems. It makes cleaning the car a breeze and uses around 300ml* to clean an entire car, as opposed to the 35 liters wasted by a conventional wash. Klin is a pretty simple mechanism that can be used by anyone with the right products and tools. By making the public aware of this mechanism, ReflectOn aims to save over 30 lakh liters of water per annum by the end of 2025 by creating awareness in Bangalore first.

Join hands with us, let us help you keep your vehicle clean and save a lot of water. If you wish to be a water warrior or help join our CSR activities, just click on the link below and go through the activities and dates and volunteer with us.

Things Required for the Klin mechanism:

1. Static Duster
2. Klin Bio Wash Spray
3. Microfiber Towels 3/5

And a few minutes of your time, your vehicle will be spotless!

How to use Klin?

It is really easy to clean a vehicle using the Klin mechanism. It becomes a lot more hassle-free when your vehicle is protected with a premium coating. To know more about detailing and coatings click here. 

Watch this video demonstrating the Klin mechanism:


  1. Dust the surface with a Static Duster
  2. Spray Klin evenly on the surface
  3. Wait for 10-20 seconds (or till it flashes)
  4. Use a microfiber and wipe in a straight line motion
  5. Use another clean microfiber to buff off the excess

And that’s it, you’re now left with a shiny, clean, and slick surface that is temporarily protected and hydrophobic. 

Using Klin gives you better results than most conventional washes, and also eliminates the possibility of paint damage due to improper washing techniques. More importantly, you end up saving a lot of water. When used correctly, for every 100 liters of water that is wasted on washing cars Klin does it better with just 1 liter of water. 

We introduced Klin to the guy that was wasting water by incorrectly washing his car. He was really happy with what Klin could do. Even to this day, you can see him Klin his car every Sunday morning. What are we waiting for? Let’s ask the water wasters in communities to use start using Klin, and switch to the Klin mechanism ourselves and start doing our part in saving water. 

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