Why automatic car washes are really bad?

As car owners, we all want to keep our vehicles clean and shiny. However, when it comes to washing our cars, we often opt for the convenience of automatic car washes. But have you ever stopped to consider the damage that these car washes can cause to your car’s paint and the environment? In this essay, we will explore the reasons why automatic car washes are really bad and why alternative options should be considered.

Automatic car washes damage your car’s paint. While these car washes may seem like a quick and easy solution, they can actually cause significant harm to your car’s exterior. The brushes and scrubbers used in these car washes can leave scratches and swirl marks, making your car’s paint look dull and worn over time. Additionally, the harsh chemicals used in these car washes can strip off the wax and damage the clear coat, leaving your car vulnerable to rust and other damage. Finally, high-pressure water jets used in these car washes can cause dents and chips in the paint.

Why NO Automated Car Wash? -
Paint damage on a car.


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